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A Framework of Scientific-Cloud for iFlora
Iliyana Kuzmova


PDR 2012, 34(6) 623-630 DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1143.2012.12139
PENG Hui-Fu, WANG Yu-Hua

In order to meet the broad requirements of the public and state departments to recognize and distinguish plant species, a plan for the next-generation Flora was proposed, which is internet, DNA-sequence- and information-technology- based, i.e., iFlora. In this paper, we suggest and present a research framework of "Scientific-Cloud for iFlora", which is a combination of Resource-Cloud (Resource and Service layer), Intelligent Re-organization System, Mobile-Clients (Application layer) and Key-Users. (1) Resource-Cloud: a collaborative working platform in the cloud site. This platform is used to integrate all relevant information resources, including DNA barcoding reference library, plant biodiversity information, and analysis models. (2) Intelligent Re-organization System of Virtualization: a system to retrieve, re-organize and present iFlora-records of a given plant species automatically and intelligently. (3) Mobile-Clients: software applications of mainstream mobile platforms, such as iOS, android and Windows phone. Constructed by these three parts, the framework will not only service for the key users with co-operating platform but also providing web service for the general public. The construction of this project will gradually combine botany and informatics. We are aiming to construct a sharing, easily accessible, and seamless connected Scientific-Cloud, with which numerous scientists co-operate together for iFlora. In addition, the Scientific-Cloud will integrate cognitive abilities of the machine, network, and taxonomists. It will provide an intelligent public service to perceive the plant world in a new dimension.

Source: A Framework of Scientific-Cloud for iFlora.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 312848