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Evaluation of pro-iBiosphere workshops
Quentin Groom

The pro-iBiosphere workshops that took place on the 11th to 14th of February 2013 aimed to get taxonomists and IT developers together to discuss digital tools for taxonomy; the digital mobilization of legacy literature and developments towards the next generation of digital taxonomic literature.

In a packed agenda, which included an intense day of training workshops, participants learned about Biovel, Charparser, EDITor, Android Apps, BiowikiFarm, Scratchpads, XPer2 and many more active projects.

After the event attendees were asked to evaluate the event. Forty percent of the 101 participants responded to our questionnaire and 88% of them rated the content either "excellent" or "very good". Other positive indicators of a successful event were that only one person would not recommend our events to others and only one person had no intension to attend another pro-iBiosphere event.

The event was a good opportunity for people to network. Almost three-quarters felt they had made five or more useful contacts. We also received a positive evaluation for the level of interest in the event. Again more than three-quarters of the respondents rated it "very interesting" and only two rated it "not so interesting".

We hope to do even better during our next event in May (21st-23rd) 2013, when we examine the requirements of the downstream users of taxonomic information and mechanisms for paying for taxonomic services and coordination and routes for cooperation.

Leiden (11th-14th February 2013)

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 312848